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Eight-storey building of our business-centre was built up at the beginning of the twentieth century and today it is the historical memorial of the city architecture. In 1995-95 the full reconstruction of the building was carried under the business centre. The total area of the building is 6 000 sq.m. The structure of the floors let us propose for lease from 100 till 700 sq.m. The office premises are represented as the open space premises with partitions. The interior and the equipping of the offices are composed according the lessee's request.

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The renovation of site

Команді Ділового центру приємно повідомити, що продуктова крамниця на цокольному поверсі, яка, крім іншого, пропонує гарячі обіди, робить перебування у "ДЦЄ" ще комфортнішим. 


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