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Kyiv 01001, Ukraine
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General information

Business centre "Europe" - the lease of the office premises and retail spaces.

Business centre "Europe" is a multi-functional complex which is situated in the very heart of historical, cultural and business centre of Kyiv.

This fact gives a number of advantages for business activity. There are following government institutions near our centre: the Ministry of Ukraine, the Presidential secretariat, the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, The National Bank of Ukraine and Kyiv city state administration.

Eight-storey building of our business-centre was built up at the beginning of the twentieth century and today it is the historical memorial of the city architecture. The massive walls of the building, its unsurpassed architectural style and also the location at a short distance of the National museum of Ukraine make an unforgettable impression on its inhabitants and visitors.


Our tenants:  


  • Embassy of Japan in Ukraine
  • LLC "Arta Investments Partners"
  • Law Firm "Sayenko Kharenko"
  • Vertex United
  • Restaurant "SANPAOLO"
  • LLC "Law Firm "OPTYMA"













Our news

The renovation of site

Команді Ділового центру приємно повідомити, що продуктова крамниця на цокольному поверсі, яка, крім іншого, пропонує гарячі обіди, робить перебування у "ДЦЄ" ще комфортнішим. 


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